Water Main Break Causes Water Outage in Oreana


It was a normal Wednesday in Oreana until..

"I came home from work and there was no water," said one resident.

Two water main breaks in the last 24 hours left residents with no running water. The first happened late last night and the second occurred this morning.

According to Aaron Keathley, the Mayor of Oreana, "The first water main break was able to be repaired without interrupting the water supply for the village. The second one, however, we had to shut off water in order to make the repair."

This is the second water main break Oreana has seen in 2 months.

"Water main breaks are pretty frequent, but usually we're able to make the repair without interrupting the water supply," said the mayor.

Mayor Keathley says he's proud of the repair efforts, but one of the greater challenges was notifying the community of the water outage. The village doesn't have the technology to make mass phone calls to it's residents.

"Depending on the circumstances, if time would permit, we'd like to notify each person on a door to door basis. Smaller repairs that effect only a small part of town, that's typically how it's done. Something that effects the entire village, we usually have to rely on the media to release the information."

Not everyone got the memo.

"I would have appreciated to be notified. I have two kids and there's just no water for cooking or anything," said another resident.

The water supply was restored at 6:30pm on Wednesday.

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