Granting Wishes for Gifford


Gifford - A statewide collection has turned into a holiday delivery in central Illinois.


Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon visited Gifford in Champaign County to deliver holiday gifts. The town was hit by deadly tornadoes just last month.


Simon's offices in Springfield, Carbondale, and Chicago have been collecting gifts for those in need in Gifford. Simon shared she wanted to do what she could for the community "and I think there's a great sense of continued interest in Gifford, that we want to do what we can to help over the long haul, because it will be a long haul. This is a storm that you can't rebuild right away, because it came at the rotten time of the year."


The donations are part of a project called "Granting Wishes for Gifford."  It was started by a Gifford Native who used social media to seek donated toys, games and gift cards for families affected by the tornadoes.


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