Retailers Prepare for Last Minute Christmas Shoppers


This weekend could turn out to be the busiest of the holiday shopping season. Due to last weekend's undesirable weather and a late Thanksgiving, many have been forced into last minute Christmas shopping. Consumer reports predict that upwards of 90% of people across the nation will shop this weekend and even right up to Christmas day.

"We have had such a tremendous amount of people in here," said Malinda Dicken, an Aeropostale sales associate. "It has been just so crazy."

To accommodate the rush, shopping malls like Hickory Point in Forsyth are extending their hours.

"For example, Khol's will be open for 24 hours starting now until 6pm on Christmas Eve," said Jack Fahler, the general manager of Hickory Point Mall.

Saturday, the entire mall will be open from 8am to 11pm as opposed to it's normal 10pm to 9pm. One last minute shopper says she's starting as early as 7am. And with more shoppers, comes more workers.

"There's always a manager on the floor and a sales associate on the floor, but in the past few days it's been 3 of us on a cash register," said Dicken.

But why do retailers wait until now to make special arrangements?

According to Fahler, "Retailers will do most of the their business at this time, so they're offering more for the shoppers, and shoppers are responding."

It's a win-win for everyone. Shoppers get more time, workers get more hours, and stores make more money.

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