Mysterious Decorations Appear in Front of Decatur Home


It was December 1st when Joyce Park noticed something fishy in her front yard.

"Early, I was sitting at the table in the dining room and looked out and saw one on the tree," said Joyce.

An ornament. Red.. shiny.. and full of mystery.

"I found a beautiful red ball, and no idea how it got there and who did it."

Then the next day came along and, "I looked out the window and there was a second one. I said boy this is getting pretty good."

According to Joyce's daughter, Julie Park, that's when the investigation began.

"She comes out here every morning with a flashlight," said Julie.

She then broke down the possible suspects.

"I think my daughter has a friend that might have done it," said Joyce.

"She's blamed me. She's blamed Todd. She's blamed my other sister.. my nephew," said Julie.

A new ornament was added each day leading up to Christmas. That was when Joyce discovered something new. A gift box. Inside of it?.. a message: I hate when the elves help decorate the tree.

So who did it? Well.. WAND was able to catch the culprit and there he was.. Santa Claus himself. We tried to get a word from him.. but he said he was too busy.

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