Law Enforcement Prepping for Concealed Carry


DECATUR-To be an officer you always have to be trained for the unexpected. But now with concealed carry officers will have to expect that many more people will be carrying weapons. And the assumption now is that they can be carrying those weapons legally.

The law is more than 160 pages and goes into great detail about where you cannot carry a gun.

Lieutenant Jonathan Butts with the Macon County Sheriff's Department says they will have to provide their deputies with in service training about where you can carry and where you can't and what to ask for at traffic stops.

He says for many locations you can carry a weapon in the parking lot but not the building.

He says a major help would be for people to read up on the law to know about the more than two dozen places where you cannot carry concealed.

"Even if you're not going to be a carrying concealed licensee, it doesn't hurt to know what the laws are and where you can have one and just be aware of the law," Butts says.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board is coming up with a video that will help law enforcement train with concealed carry scenarios.



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