A Charity for the Sole


WAND News has celebrated many efforts to help those in need this holiday season, but none like this. It's a ministry that provides more than the typical food and shelter. Once a month, the Hands-2-Feet Ministry of Springfield travels to homeless shelters across the city to serve those in need. Their mission? To help your soul. Literally.. the soles of your feet. The organization was founded in 2012 as a grass roots Christian outreach among friends who worked at the Logan County Health Department. Volunteers say their influence comes from their Christian faith. In the Bible, washing feet was one of the many ways Jesus showed his love.

"First we give them a meal, and then we wash their feet, said one volunteer. "And then we provide them with clean socks and good or used shoes. We talk to them while we soak their feet, clip their toe nails, and put lotion on their feet."

Right now, the program only provides for shelters in Springfield but plans to extend its reach next year. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can contact Ed Tibbits at the Logan County Health Department or you can go to the web site, Hands2Feet.org.

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