New Year's Day not a Day Off for Everyone


Springfield - On New Year's Day, most people were away from work. 

Whether they were watching college football games, or just recovering from the night before, but for others, New Year's Day was just like any other work day. 

They punched in.  They punched out.  They worked hard.  
Some of those people include the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office.

Wednesday started off like any other day for the Sangamon County deputies on second shift.

A meeting to start the day, and then patrolling the streets, keeping the peace.

Veteran deputy Travis Dalby told WAND News that New Year's Day is no different than any other day on the job.

"If you're in this kind of field, you're used to working holidays and used to working days that that a lot of people do get off.  It's pretty normal to us," said Dalby.

After almost nine years as a deputy, Dalby said that everyday still seems like a new adventure.

"In this line of work you can't predict from one day to the next what's going to be busy or not.  I've seen Saturday nights be dead sometimes.  I've seen a Tuesday during the week be real busy so, you just never know," added Dalby.


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