Crime, Homicide Numbers Down in Sangamon County in 2013



Springfield - When 2013 started off with a homicide in Springfield, there was concern about how violent of a year it could be, but numbers at the end of the year show that there was a decrease in violent crimes, including homicide, in Sangamon County.  

With that, law enforcement are looking forward to an even better year in 2014.

In 2012, police agencies within Sangamon County handled 14 homicide investigations, solving, or making arrests in eight.

In 2013, that number was down to five.

The last homicide happened in Rochester in July.

The investigation of 78 year-old Norma Lipskis's death is still ongoing.

Sangamon County sheriff Neil Williamson says that while the numbers are on the decline, there's still work to be done to prevent future homicides from happening.

"Murder is one of the most unpredictable crimes.  A lot of them are in the heat of passion, or drug related, or they might domestic related, so they're very unpredictable.  If were to happen to have one tonight, they would be fresh and ready to go with a brand new case, aggressively investigating every lead that they can get," Williamson told WAND News.

As for the Lipskis investigation, sheriff Williamson told me that there are no new leads at this time.


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