Results keep Ridgeway dedicated to New Year's resolution


Getting in shape may be a priority for people this new year, and for some, seeing the results makes a resolution real. In fact, one woman's goal has changed her life.

Candy Ridgeway's New Year's resolution may sound just like others.'

"That I would continue to train, workout and lose weight," Ridegway said.

And her story may start just like others.'

"I set that resolution quite a few years and never followed through with it for very long," she explained.

But thanks to her 2013 and now her 2014 New Year's resolution, Ridgeway will continue to change her life.

"I'm almost 50 and I'm probably more fit now than I was in my 30's," she said.

Ridgeway jump started her get-fit process last year during WAND's Central Illinois' Biggest Loser. That's where she met personal trainer Rebecca Veach.


"Everyone here just loves her," Veach said. "We are so proud of her."

Between January and March of last year, Ridgeway lost 42 pounds. But she didn't stop there. To date, she's lost more than 130 pounds and she said this year, she'd like to lose another 50 pounds.

"When I'm not losing weight, I'm losing inches," Ridgeway said.

Ridgeway has dropped six pant sizes, she's scrapped soda and hits the gym two to three times a week. Her resolution is real.

"Someone like her, she's had the experience and background," Veach, her trainer, said. "I know she's going to back it up."

"My goal for this year is to be better than last year," Ridgeway said.

And in July, Ridgeway's goal is to be at the Rodney T. Miller Lakeside Triathlon.

"I was an athlete when I was younger, and now I feel like I'm an athlete again," she said.

And again, Ridgeway will push herself for her resolution and for herself.

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