City asking for caution with impending snow and cold temperatures


Decatur - The city is asking the public to be cautious while traveling over the next several day with the anticipated temperatures and heavy snowfall.


Forecasters are calling for a potential snow accumulation of 8-10 inches with wind speeds upwards of 35 miles per hour. Temperatures could fall to 10-15 below zero.


City crews will be working around the clock to plow streets, but the roads could still be dangerous.  City crews plow all city streets during snow events with the more heavily traveled streets plowed first and neighborhood streets with lower traffic counts after. While attempts are made to plow and treat the more heavily traveled streets to a point where bare pavement is visible, it is not feasible either economically or environmentally to do so on neighborhood streets. 


The City's goal is to have heavily traveled streets plowed within 16 hours of the last snowfall and less traveled neighborhood streets within 24 hours. Neighborhood streets are to be plowed to a "passable" condition but there can in many cases still be a layer of packed snow on the streets.

     In preparation for the pending winter event the City is urging residents to:

  • Stay indoors unless going outside is necessary
  • Adjust driving habits to weather conditions if travel is necessary. Residents should give themselves ample time to get to their destination and slow down when traveling.
  • Drive defensively and not overestimate the navigation capabilities of vehicles in winter weather. Drivers can have a false sense of security when driving 4-wheel drive vehicles in snow and ice. Four-wheel drive vehicles may take off with more traction in snow or ice, but they don't necessarily stop any better than traditional cars.
  • Keep cars off of the street if at all possible.
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