Local Schools Preparing for Next Winter Storm


Taylorville - There's still plenty of snow on the ground, and several more inches expected for parts of central Illinois this weekend.

Area superintendents are already keeping a close eye on the forecasts.

"Not only does it involve the county roads, and the in town roads, but it also involves our parking lots, and our sidewalks.  Those types of things have to be taken into account in terms of what's going to happen,"  Taylorville schools superintendent Dr. Greg Fuerstenau told WAND News.

In addition to heavy snowfall, Fuerstenau and many educators in Christian County will have their eyes on air temperatures, with many expected to be below zero, and that is a concern for kids' safety and it may be enough to cancel school.

"There's a group of superintendents in Christian County that have conversations the night before, or even the day of to get a true reflection of what Christian county looks like.  Actual air temperatures that are forecasted to be below zero, and then that, of course, adds to the wind chill variables.  That is definitely concerning," Fuerstenau added.

There are ways to ensure your children are safe during the frigid temperatures according to the Tayorville fire chief.

"If there is not school over the next couple of days, kids are obviously going to want to go outside and play, go sledding, those type of things.  Keep the kids dressed in bundles, keep them dressed in layers.  Be sure that all of the skin is completely covered and exposure time should be limited if at all possible," chief Mike Crews told WAND News.

While temps hovered around 18 degree on Friday, those temps were mild in comparison to the sub-zero temperatures we could see on Monday.


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