For Jacob.. Dreams Really Do Come True


The Make-A-Wish Foundation makes dreams come true for thousands of kids across America. Imagine if you could close your eyes, dream your wildest dream, open them, and watch that dream come true. This new year, one young man from Sullivan got to do just that. Growing up, Jacob Adams was a dedicated fan of baseball, hockey, and basketball.

"I really love watching sports," said Adams. "It gives me a feeling that I can't really get from anything else in life."

At Windsor High School, he played on the basketball team until his health took a turn for the worst.

"Well, it started out in December 2011 when I got diagnosed with brain cancer," said Adams.


His surgeon saw how much he loved sports, wrote a letter, and Jacob was selected to be a Make-A-Wish recipient. His wish? Tickets to the 2014 rose bowl.

"Now that I get the chance to go to something as great as the Rose Bowl, I just felt really exciting."

Jacob was VIP at the game.. cheering from the sidelines and at the parade.

"We got to tour how they made the Rose Bowl floats, which was really interesting, and we actually got to help build the floats a little. And then I actually participated in riding on a float."

The wish was made possible by coordinator, Beverly Gant. She's helped more than 25 kids make their dreams a reality.

"I've actually had two cousins that have received wishes from Make-A-Wish, so since children are so dear to my heart that was first way to go," said Gant.

Adams appreciates all the help from make a wish. He says his trip to California encouraged him to continue fighting his battle.

"I just have to keep focus that god is trying to do something in my life. I'm not sure where it's going to take me but I know it's going to work for the best for me."

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