Christian County man dies due to cold temperatures


UPDATE: The Christian County Sheriff is investigating the death of Herbert Palmer, 64, of rural Pana.

On Monday, around 8:57 a.m. The sheriff's office and Pana Police Department found Palmer deceased, lying in the snow approximately one-half block from his home.

Preliminary investigations show that Palmer was leaving his home to take a friend to a doctor's appointment. His vehicle became stuck, about one block from his home.

Palmer's death is believed to be from natural causes due to medical conditions and exposure of the extreme cold.



BREAKNG: The Christian County Sheriff says, an elderly man died because of the cold weather.

The sheriffs says, the man's car broke down about a mile from his home, so the man tired the walk home. His body was found in his driveway this morning. Authorities aren't releasing the man's name yet.

We will bring you more details as they become available.

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