Dogs in Danger in Cold Weather


DECATUR-These cold temperatures  can be  a problem for pets outdoors. Even though they've got a built in coat, these temperatures can still be dangerous even deadly.
For those with thick fur like huskies, their coat keeps them insulated against cold temperatures. But only to a degree. 
Their paws may become frostbitten, causing permanent damage.  In the early stages of frostbite, you can see pale skin around the ears, lips, tail, face and feet of the dog, then the skin will swell and become red. If more progressed, the skin can even rub off. 
Decatur veterinarian Larry Baker says five or ten minutes is all it takes.
"Dogs with real thin ears like dachshunds and other dogs real easily too," Baker says.  "Any dog can get frostbite in this kind of weather.  So in my opinion, they should have protection from the environment in this type of weather."
And it's a sad fact---every year pets die in Macon County because they simply freeze to death.  If you do see this, pets or dogs outside for long periods of time,speak up because it can be deadly. 


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