Frigid Temperatures can be Deadly



Taylorville - Drifting snow and subzero temperatures made a dangerous combination for anyone venturing out Monday.

Christian County sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp reported that the frigid temps can even be deadly.

With temperatures this bitterly cold, it could only take minutes for them to have an affect on your body.  That's an affect that sheriff Kettelkamp said could easily be avoided by staying indoors.

"It is a life and death situation.  It is a very, very dangerous situation to be out, in any amount of time, in this extremely cold weather.  I'm asking people please.  That's why we closed all of the roads last night, and closed all of the township roads and all of the county roads.  What you're doing is putting yourself, your lives in danger, and you're also putting emergency responders' lives in danger too," Kettelkamp told WAND News.

He added that he advised drivers that unless it's an emergency, staying home is the best thing right now.

He also advised waiting till Wednesday before traveling for something other than emergency.


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