Staying at a Hotel during the Winter Storm


Forsyth- People have been reserving hotel rooms since the Winter snow storm hit on Sunday.

Homewood Suites in Forsyth has been getting calls all day on Monday. About 30 rooms are available and 50 rooms are occupied.

Many people did not have power in Macon County for part of Monday, so they were calling to book a room. However, as the power started coming back on, more calls to cancel reservations started to come in.

Alex Neubauer, the Guest Services Manager at Homewood Suites said, "we were supposed to be sold out today."

People were also supposed to travel to Forsyth from different areas for business meetings and could not because of the weather.

Over at the Ramada Limited in Forsyth, about 24 rooms are occupied at $70 a night.

"This winter it's affecting the traveling people. We are not getting that much guests around here, but still we are doing good," Uday Patel, the Manager at Ramada Limited told WAND.

Some guests are stuck at hotels, while others are still trying to get there.

Patel added, "people are canceling. I just found out four people canceled and we have 12 visitors coming in, but still we are waiting for them."

For their employees, Patel allows his staff to stay the night at the Ramada if they can not get home.

At Homewood Suites, "we cut back the hours and juggle a little bit and juggle around the hours with the people, because if there's not work to do there's no reason to be here," Neubauer said.

Some hotels did not have power on Monday because of the outages.

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