Slick roads expected until wind dies down, temperatures rise


Travel was still dangerous with the bitter cold and drivers can expect snow covered, slick roads Tuesday morning.

It's a day for the record books as temperatures around Central Illinois dropped below zero, winds gusted. If people took a drive in the deep freeze, they may have found out, "The roads are just horrible," said Julie Park owner of Julie's Snow Removal.

They are horribly slick.

"That snow is packed so hard and so tight that it is a sheet of glass and if you go to stop, you're not going to stop," she explained.

Park spent just over 24 hours straight plowing the snow.

"You just get in and you just go," she said with a smile.

The Illinois Department of Transportation was been going, for almost a continuous 72 hours.

"It's been very hectic," said Gary Larson, Decatur IDOT Operation Supervisor. "Our crews have put in a lot of time, worked real hard. We've been very fortunate in Macon County we did not have to close any of the state highways."

But as for smaller streets, even driveways, plows and a shovel may be someone's best bet. If someone wanted to use salt to clean things up, it wouldn't work. Because once temperatures drop below 20 degrees, the salt will not melt the snow anymore.

"Much below that you just have to remove it mechanically with a blade or a grader," Larson said.

Because the ice isn't going anywhere for a while.

"As wind decreases and temperatures come up, we'll be able to remove more of the ice, but basically what you see today is probably a lot of what you're going to see in the morning," he said.

So when you hit the road, take it slow.

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