Extreme Cold Makes us Susceptible to Depression


DECATUR- The holidays are over, the sun peeks out for only a few hours each day.. Step outside and you're greeted with subzero temperatures, plant life covered in a crust of snow and ice.  The external stressors can add up to feeling depressed. 

Steve Rathnow is a senior counselor at St. Mary's "After awhile, not being able to do the things you love makes you nervous, restless and maybe a little irritable," Rathnow says. 

He says changing behavior is the best plan to beat the winter blues. "You modify your routine so that you can find things to enjoy," he says.  Specifically, experts advise getting as much sunlight as possible, keeping rooms as brightly lit as possible, exercise as much as you can and eat the right foods.  

They say if you think you modify your behavior and the feelings of depression persist, to see your doctor. 


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