Helping the Helpers: Blue Mound Family Rescues Deputies


Blue Mound - Slick roads, strong winds, and massive snow drifts cause traveling hazards for even the most experienced driver.

That includes Christian County sheriff's lieutenant Scott Woods.

His car, as well as a county snow plow, and two men in a pick-up truck were stranded in front of David Brown's house near Blue Mound Sunday.

For lieutenant Woods and five other people, the Brown's became instant heroes.  Helping them in their hour of need when the night was turning cold, and the snow was getting heavy.

"They were like yeah, come on in.  Before we got in there, she had a pot of coffee made and just welcomed everybody in and what better house to get stuck in front of," Woods told WAND News.

Humbly, David Brown and his wife said they were just doing what they thought was right.

"We just brought them in.  They were wet.  A couple of guys were wet clear up to their knees.  So we gave them something to put on, and put their stuff in the dryers.  It's not just the right thing, its' the Christian thing to do for people," Brown said.

Should mother nature bring more snow, and hazardous traveling conditions, lieutenant woods already has a plan.

"The next time the snow comes around, I think we'll call the Brown's and see if we can make a reservation this time instead of just knocking on their door at six o'clock at night when you can't see your hand in front of your face," added Woods.


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