Citizen's Utility Board helps residents lower utility bills


Decatur - On Wednesday the Citizen's Utility Board offered free one on one help to show people how to save money on their utility bills.


Residents in Decatur learned how to save hundreds of dollars on their gas, electric and phone bills. Representatives from CUB say especially with this frigid winter season being mindful of what you use can help people save.


"Making sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room or making sure instead of using an oven all the time, if you have a toaster over or microwave use that to sub out for cooking meals. And also paying attention to the supply section of your bills. Looking at how much to what you are using every month," Rajiv Ravulapati of the CUB said.


There are also other ways to cut down on your bills. Ameren offers 50 dollar rebates for old refrigerators. You can also visit for more helpful tips.

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