Warming Temperatures Causing Water Mains to Burst


Springfield - After days of subzero temperatures, seeing 22 degrees is a welcomed sight for many.

While the warmer temperatures are helping out some people, such as those trying to get to work for the first time this week, and allowing students to go back to school, it is creating another problem.  When the temperatures get this warm, this fast after a cold spell, it makes that much easier for a water main break, and now city crews are hard at work.

Ted Meckes, the water division manager for Springfield's CWLP, said that as the ground the thaws, it shifts, causing pipes to burst.

He said that it's a problem that arises each year.

"Last January, we had a record number of main breaks, which was 40, and that followed a real dry year.  So far we've had 8 main breaks this month.  You know a lot of the pipes that are broken were installed 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years ago.  New installation techniques, a better bedding of sand will help, but that's not going to help what's in the ground already," Meckes told WAND News.


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