Cold snap boosts some local businesses


Decatur - Winter weather gave a boost to some local businesses.


Cars are rolling in to get repairs, after the extreme cold weather. Tires tend to lose air when the temperatures get low. Along with batteries dying, these seem to be the most common issues with winter car maintenance.


In Decatur, South Shores Auto owner says this year has been a lot busier than last year Lindsey Kreher told WAND, " It's been kinda crazy. We've had a lot of issues. We've had a lot of dead batteries, a lot of people sliding into curbs tearing up their suspension, their steering components. A lot of tire work, a lot of break work. I've been running since about 5:00 5:30 every morning to about 9:00 at night. I don't even know what day it is."


Some central Illinois mechanics say business has even tripled this week.

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