Deadline to Sign Up for Magnet Schools Fast Approaching


DECATUR- Time is running out to sign your child up for a magnet school in Decatur.  There are six magnet schools in town--each of them focusing on a special mission. 

At Hope Academy the focus is on leadership. The school serves kindergarten through 8th grade. It allows students to spend up to two thirds of their day learning in groups or in a self-directed way. The principal says attending an orientation is necessary if you'd like to send your child to a magnet school.

"It gives the parent an opportunity to visit the school, to look at the school's program and to also determine if in fact that particular school is a good fit,"says Hope Academy Principal Cynthia Houston.

If you'd like to check out remaining orientation dates, here's a list. The deadline to sign up is at the end of January. 


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