Local Case of Scarlet Fever

DECATUR- A viewer contacted us saying her grandson had been diagnosed with scarlet fever. And while it sounds scary all it takes is antibiotics to get rid of. 

 Scarlet fever describes the red bumpy rash that develops from a strep infection. 
 Kids experience symptoms the most -- sore throat, fever, stomach ache are the most common.  

There's no vaccine to prevent your child from getting the disease.  But if your child does, it's important that they get antibiotics as soon as possible. Doctors say parents should take steps to prevent contagion.
  "If you have someone who has had strep, you want to be very careful," says Dr. Kimberley Hanneken, family Physician at HSHS Medical Group.  "You don't want to share cups, glasses, eating utensils.  if anyone's had strep, throw out the toothbrush."

 Young adults may experience the disease as well.  Doctors say wipe down surfaces with soap and water, don't share cups and throw out the toothbrush.  

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