Man charged in shooting of girlfriend, fetus


Decatur - A man could face a possible life sentence for shooting his pregnant girlfriend.


Decatur Police say Justin Buckley,23, was arrested for attempted murder on Friday January 3rd. His 23-year-old girlfriend was rushed in, for emergency surgery at Saint Mary's Hospital.  She remains in the hospital in serious condition, the baby was in good health.


Police say that Buckley lied to police. Buckley originally told police that he found the woman in the street covered with blood. However, police say Buckley's house was a crime scene, containing blood they believe linked him to the crime.


When Buckley admitted to shooting his eight-and-a-half month pregnant girlfriend he told police multiple times it was an accident. He is charged with attempted first degree murder and attempted homicide of an unborn child, among other charges.


Buckley remains in the Macon County jail on a $750,000 bond.

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