Free Clinic Set to Open in Decatur


DECATUR- In the basement of the Central United Methodist Church on Eldorado street in Decatur, a new free health clinic is set to open.

The Tzedakah Christian Health Center is a Christian based non-profit.  They'll take patients---all without insurance---all from Macon county---in their three exam rooms. No medicaid, medicare, or insurance will be accepted.

The majority of their supplies have been donated. And with the help of volunteers, patients can get primary care at the clinic, where medical professionals will help treat chronic illnesses and connect people with specialists.  

Board president dale McKinney has worked in healthcare for years and says the goal is to help people caught in the middle. 

"The mechanic at Meineke, the waitress at Olive Garden, those type of people who work but are not offered insurance, they certainly at the moment couldn't afford the insurance that's available through the exchange and so those are the people who are just doing without,"McKinney says. 

And at the center, they will also try to help connect people to services like addiction counseling or to food if folks are hungry.

To make all of this work, they say they need volunteers--not just from medical backgrounds.  And they say they will also need the continued support from generous people in the community to keep the clinic running. The first day the free clinic will be taking appointments is Tuesday, January 21st.  If you'd like to make an appointment or volunteer call 217-330-6076.

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