Decatur Church Starts New College


Decatur- The saying, it's never to late to get a college degree is the reality for some Central Illinois adults going back to school.

The pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church has been trying for nearly ten years to have a college in Decatur. Finally his wish has come true.

Antioch church is providing biblical college classes starting January 13, 2014. Students are able to learn the Old Testament, New Testament, biblical hermeneutics, English composition and grammar, the book of Romans and how to prepare and deliver a sermon. If they complete 60 hours or 123 hours they will graduate with an associates or bachelors degree in biblical theology or Christian education.

Students don't have to pay thousands of dollars for education because of a generous donation.

Pastor Stuart said, "we recognize the fact that if it is free people won't take it seriously. So they will pay a small amount for them to pay in April and May, but as far as tuition is concerned he said I got it."

"This is what we need and that is a great motivation for it. . . People need it like myself," student Janice Moore told WAND.

Doris Lewis is an instructor at the college. She said, "the more knowledge we have the better we will be in our homes, in our churches and in our communities."

The college is at Antioch, but the name of the college is Chicago Baptist Institute International Decatur Satellite Campus. The main campus is in Chicago. They are trying to expand, which is one reason Decatur has its own campus.

Pastor Stuart is still accepting applications. If you want to enroll, contact the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

You must have a GED or high school diploma to enroll.

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