Confiding in Technology to Keep Secrets


The app is called Confide and it's free for iPhone users. What it basically is, is Snapchat for professionals.

If you have a secret you don't want traced, the creator of Confide promises the application will keep your messages hidden.

To use the app, you send an email, scroll over the orange boxes and after you read it and press the close button, it self-destructs.

On the website it gives examples of hiding an email about Hillary Clinton's 2016 decision talks, but many people think the app is supposed to be used for something a little less honest.

Jennifer Styers, the Love Coach said, "we already know what some people are going to use it for and that's something like cheating."

Styers said, the app is bad news.

"If you have to hide something you probably shouldn't be doing it anyway," Styers added.

Jeffrey Davis said secrets are problematic.

"If I want to delete something, I'll delete something. I don't tend to keep secrets. If someone asks me a question then I'll give an answer," Davis told WAND.

The app promises confidentiality, but it is up to you to decide what you want seen or kept private. Many people might think it's an app for cheaters. However, it could be helpful for individuals affected by domestic violence or any other situation. It's just all in how you use it.

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