70 mph signs are going up


New speed signs are going up around Illinois, after the snow and cold temperatures halted the progress. 


The new signs will allow drivers to go 70 mph on rural interstates. The new law allowed eight counties to exempt due to congested highways, those counties will keep their 55 mph speed limit.


ISP District 12 Interim Commander, Lieutenant Cory Ristvedt, reminds motorists, "while rural interstate speed limits have increased, speed remains one of the top four contributory causes in fatal traffic crashes".  Lieutenant Ristvedt continued, "drivers are encouraged to strictly monitor their speeds to not exceed 70 mph".


In addition to the rural interstates, speed laws have been strengthened on all streets, highways, and roads throughout Illinois.  Speeding 26 mph over the posted limit is now a Class B misdemeanor  and speeding 35 mph or more over the posted limit is a Class A misdemeanor. 


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