Demeco Hill case wrapped up with a guilty verdict for lesser charges


Decatur - A trial for a man originally charged in a 2011 murder wrapped up on Thursday.


Jurors found 37-year-old Demeco Hill guilty, of being an armed habitual criminal. Hill was originally accused in the 2011 murder of 24-year-old Billy Rutherford, but a witness recanted his statement, therefore lessening the charges.


The murder case became highly interesting when police and Crime Lab Investigators found that the gun used to kill Rutherford was linked to the shooting death of Caleb Witty, just a few weeks prior.  


Rutherford was found shot to death near the 1300 block of N. Woodford Street, on August 29th 2011. Police say the murder was over a drug dispute.          


On August 4, 2011, Witty,17, and his younger sister were walking home from the Decatur celebration along Johns Ave., East of 22nd St.  That's where two males approached them, demanding money.  During the confrontation Witty ended up taking the bullet for his sister and died.


Hill's former girlfriend testified against him in court on Thursday, saying Hill entered her home with the gun wrapped in a shirt. DNA evidence linked Hill to the gun and shirt.


Hill will be sentenced on March 28th.  

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