Chicago Bans E-Cigarettes Indoors


If you plan on visiting Chicago any time soon, you might want to leave your electronic cigarettes at home. On Wednesday, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance banning the use of electronic cigarettes in restaurants, bars, and other public places. To one Decatur resident, the new ordinance is foretelling.

"Well we're known as little Chicago," said Tommy Newbern. "We're always copying Chicago laws. But I think this is one law that should not be copied."

Casey Overlin of Mt. Zion thinks Central Illinois should follow in Chicago's footsteps.

"If I'm in the restaurant or a bar enjoying a drink or a meal, I wouldn't want someone to sit next to me and blow it at my table where I'm trying to enjoy my meal."

His reasoning is..

" ..the health risk."

According to Nate Allen, the owner of Goodfellas Cigar Store in Decatur, there is no health risk.

"My doctor.. I mean I told him I was using it and I asked him if there was anything harmful in it, you know, that I might find out in 10 years and he says no, as far as we know it's not going to hurt you."

Jacque Damery is a server at Lincoln Square Lounge where guests are allowed to smoke e-cigarettes inside.

"It's water vapor.. and there's no nicotine or toxins that are released into the air. The nicotine is taken into the smoker and that's it. There's no smell to it. There's really nothing that could bother anybody else."

The new ordinance will also put restrictions on how the devices are sold. Retailers will have to sell e-cigarettes more discretely from behind the counter instead of openly on shelves.

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