"Lincoln: History to Hollywood" Exhibit Opens Friday


Springfield - The new "Lincoln:  History to Hollywood" exhibit, inside the Union Station, opened to the public just after 9 o'clock Friday morning.

Fans were already lining up to see it, including Springfield mayor Mike Houston.

"You walk out realizing who Mr. Lincoln was as a man, but more importantly what his principles and values were," Houston said to those in attendance.

Whether it was the dresses that Sally Field wore while playing the part of Mary Todd Lincoln, or seeing the set where Daniel Day Lewis played Abraham Lincoln as he discussed abolishing slavery, people were excited for the new exhibit.

Lincoln changed the history of our nation, but for the fans of the movie, watching his life on film, they said this was a chance to see the real story of the man underneath that famous black hat.

Fans, some from as far as St. Louis, lined up to see it all.

"I thought the movie was one of the best movies I've ever seen.  It was a wonderful character study of Lincoln.  And you actually forgot you were watching a movie, you felt like you were back in time, just living that time," one fan told WAND News.

With this exhibit being in Springfield for years to come, fans of the movie, and the president, will have plenty to see.


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