Senator Durbin talks to residents about unemployment benefits


Decatur - Senator Dick Durbin talked to people in Decatur over the weekend about getting back to work, while helping them as they search.


Durbin said, even though the economy is on an upswing, we cannot forget those still looking for jobs. The senator was joined by Democratic Congressional candidate Ann Callis, to advocated for the extension of unemployment benefits.


Nearly 1.4-millions of Americans remain unemployed. Their benefits were cut this year, after congress could not come to an agreement in 2013. 83-thousand of those people are right here in Illinois.


Durbin says, it's a result of playing party politics. The senate is expected to vote again on the proposed extensions when it reconvenes a week from this Monday. The senator also campaigned for raising the minimum wage. Hoping to increase the current rate of $8.25 to $10.10 an hour.

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