Make a Wish Foundation grants wish for 3-year-old boy


Decatur - A young boy from Decatur got his wish granted by the Make a Wish Foundation.


Mykael Welke,3, was diagnosed with stage three clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, a rare tumor, which can be widespread and slow growing in areas including the lungs, brain, bones, and soft tissue. Welke has undergone treatment for this life-threatening illness and is doing very well.


The Make a Wish Foundation came together to grant Mykael wish. He wished for a camper so that his family can spend time together outdoors. Mykael's mother told WAND why it was so important to him, "when he was really really sick we use to go to the motorcycle races and he would stay in a friend's camper and with that camper that's what he associated with when he'd come home, he got to go to the races and stay with a camper."


Volunteers, Monical's Pizza and Four Winds helped grant Mykael's wish. They were able to take the camper home tonight.

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