Hundreds March to Honor Dr. King


DECATUR- Hundreds marched to honor doctor martin Luther king junior, but they're also asking if his dream has been realized. 
It's been more than half a century since Dr. Martin Luther king junior gave his I have a dream speech. But marchers say they're still taking steps toward his vision.
"We should reflect- and realize that part of his dream was not just racial equality but economic equality," says Christina Owens, local president of Frontiers International.
The black jobless rate is two times higher than that of whites. The gap in household income has actually gotten larger over the past few decades. "A lot of people are misinformed and believe that because we're done with the civil rights era that there's no need for equality or improvements," Owens says.
It's a journey they say that could be uphill.  "We need to work together, encourage each other and receive more education," Owens says. We're dealing with a dream she  says should never be deferred.



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