Kohl's Cares Program helps St. John's Hospital


Springfield - St. John's Children's Hospital received a helping hand from a major retail store.


Kohl's made a $75,416 donation to the Gotta Dance Program. The program teaches students respect, responsibility and other life skills, all while engaging in healthy exercise through dance. The program is free for students in grades 5-8. For some kids it's a chance to take dance lessons for the first and maybe only time in their lives.


The Springfield Kohl's manager, Dough Rowe described how the program brings a smile to your face " What's a great thing about You Gotta Dance is the whole entire program is one hundred percent free to the children.  So it's just like we heard today with Emma's story, it's exciting to see that story.  I've seen them in action.  I've seen them dance.  It brings a smile to your face when you see these young folks like that really take it to heart, learn different routines and disciplines.  It's fun to be involved with that partnership with St. John's."


Since 2000, Kohl's has donated more than 1.1-million dollars to the St. John's Children's Hospital through their Kohl's Cares Program.

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