Doctors Warn Against Sniffing Smarties


DECATUR- There are tons of youtube videos of teens doing stupid things for attention. Now there's a new one to add to the mix and it could be dangerous.

Smarties. the candy seem harmless and colorful. But sniff them or smoke them.Nd it could mean serious health consequences.

There are pages of videos on Youtube mostly teens sniffing Smarties.  They crush up the candy many times cutting a line with a credit card. 

Then they sniff it. Many of the videos online show the kids are still in school while they're doing it.  Besides a sugar high you can get from eating the candy, there's no perk to this behavior.  But doctors say there's a long list of risks, like scarring your lungs, bleeding, respiratory arrest, or even attracting maggots to your nasal cavity.  

A school in Rhode Island has warned parents about the dangers, but it's hard to say if this is a big trend if not isolated incidents. 


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