Springfield School Board to Vote on New Superintendent



Springfield - Contract negotiations to get Jennifer Gill as the next Springfield schools superintendent have been ongoing since December.

Gill currently serves as the director of teaching and learning for the McLean County School District.

By selecting her as the next Springfield superintendent, she'll be able to give the district a permanent leadership role. This, after having several interim superintendents during the search for a permanent superintendent.

When asking the community what they would like to see in the new superintendent, parents in District 186 said they would like to see somebody who knew the district inside and out.  For board president Chuck Flamini and other members of the board of education, that made Gill the obvious choice.

"What we got out of our discussions with the public, was initially, they wanted someone local.  She was with the district for 17, 18, almost 20 years.  Principal at a couple of elementary schools," Flamini told WAND News.

Once approved, Gill will take over for Bob Hill, who served as superintendent on an interim basis.


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