Winter affects body, mind


It's that time of year when getting out of bed may be a drag, but that may not be the only way cold temperatures are affecting the body and mind because it's that time of year when lotion is helpful. Hands may be drier than usual because the cold air pulls the moisture away from skin, and while some can spot this change right away, thanks to the cold, there are other changes people may be feeling.

If the cold isn't giving people a cold, it may be affecting how they feel or even how they look.

"Dryness is a big issue and I think it makes my bones ache," said Marcy Lyons with a laugh.

And Lyons wasn't the only one feeling the pain.

"My arthritis is kicking up really bad," Leon Mentzer explained.


According to Doctor David Jones that's to be expected this time of year.

"It is very well documented that atmospheric pressure changes and cold does affect joints and how the joints move," Dr. Jones explained.

And it was most certainly affecting how Mentzer got around.

"I have great difficulty walking on the ice and snow and everything and that leads you to stay in the house a little bit more," Mentzer said.

But stay inside, and that could lead to other winter woes like vitamin D deficiency.

"We're not seeing as much sunlight to activate our vitamin D that we take into our bodies and the other thing is we're all covering up with coats and what have you, so we actually have very little of our skin exposed to the sunlight," Dr. Jones described.

He also recommended:

- Getting a lot of rest

- Scheduling between eight to 10 hours of sleep at one time

-Staying hydrated

"Even going outside for a limited amount of time people lose their hydration just by breathing in and out this very cold air," Dr. Jones said.

And it was that cold air that has some people yearning for warmer air.

"I'd like to go to Aruba," Lyons said with a laugh.

"I should have gone to Florida," Mentzer said.

Because summer can't come soon enough.

Doctor Jones warned about doing outdoor activities when it is cold outside. He said it was very easy for people to go out and suffer frost bite and severe fatigue. And if people are trying to combat a Vitamin D deficiency, he  said that people can partner multi-vitamins with vitamin A and D, but of course, read the package and follow the directions.

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