EHS renovations by the numbers


Wednesday was the last chance to check out the new Eisenhower High School before classes began Thursday. Parents and students had the opportunity to tour the facility at an open house.

Everyone who walked through was 'amazed' with the college look and feel of the campus, whether they were a current student, "This school actually makes you want to come to school," said Danielle Makowicz an EHS senior.  "I was kind of amazed because I didn't expect it to be this nice," or we're a student in the past, the renovations were impressing everyone.

"I mean was expecting it to look nicer than what it was but nothing like this," exclaimed Ronke Austin, Makowicz's mom. "This is amazing."

Year and a half long renovations are complete and these are some of the changes by the numbers:

- Twenty five thousand square feet of added space including a new practice gym.

- Thirty is the number of new electronic displays around the school that are designed to broadcast information to students.

- One hundred twenty wireless access points.

- One hundred seventeen video cameras for safety.

- Ten thousand the number of books at the library. The same number as in the old one, but now the school is making a push toward more electronic options like e-books and textbooks on laptops.

"Eventually all the education that takes place in this school will take place via 21st century technology," explained Decatur Public Schools Superintendent Gloria Davis.

- One hundred twenty dollars is the average cost of a high school textbook.

- 10 dollars is the price of electronic textbooks because the ultimate goal, "it is to have students to be able to learn in an atmosphere that is conducive for high-level instruction," Davis said.

And it will be done in one brand new building.

- 40 million dollars is how much these renovations cost. The improvements are being paid for by increased sales taxes, approved by Macon County voters. That money will also go toward other school projects around Macon County.

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