Many Consumers Seeing Higher Heating Bills


DECATUR- Opening the door to this sub-zero weather can be chilling.  But so can opening your heating bill.  Many of us are seeing a steep increase.  

An Ameren rate increase just started in January and now people are running their furnaces all the time. A spokesperson for Ameren Illinois says people are using nearly 15 percent more gas this winter.

Kyle Fore is one of many with a higher bill.  He and his girlfriend rent a 3 bedroom house in Mattoon.  They have the thermostat set at 70 degrees. He couldn't believe when they got their latest bill which jumped by $150.  To heat their home, they were paying $130, now they have to pay nearly $280.

"So when you go to $280, you go, what do we got to cut out, what can we do to pay for that," Fore says. "So you kind of panic, but you understand that the weather's very cold so, it happens."

Some tips to save money--each degree you lower your thermostat setting by you'll save 2-3 percent on your bill. Use solar heating---open the blinds or window coverings during the day and close them at night.  Make sure your furnace filters are changed, and run your ceiling fan clockwise to push hot air down. 

There are tons of other tips to save money on your heating bill, for more information visit


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