Purdue Shooting has Local Colleges Examining Emergency Procedures


Springfield - Tuesday's shooting at Purdue University has a campus, and a country, asking why this happened.

It also has campuses one state away, taking a deeper look at its emergency response plans.

"We have a system on campus that we call UIS alerts.  And that's comprised of a multi-layered approach that features high-tech and low-tech," UIS police captain Larry Griffiths told WAND News.

Not only does UIS have their own emergency preparedness plan, but they work very closely, hand in hand, with the Lincoln Land Community College police.  That's very important considering there's only two miles separating the two campuses.

"I mean they're just right down there road.  We're both small agencies, both of our departments are small, so it's like a brother helping a brother," Griffiths added.

Lincoln Land Community College chief of police Brad Gentry said that,"a major emergency that happens at one of our campuses is likely going to effect the other campus.  Number two, we represent two police departments, this close, there's help close by that can get here.  If anything happened here, it would go out over our radios, I'm sure UIS would be here quicker than any other department around, and likewise."

Both campuses and agencies do training and drills together to prepare for this sort of an event.


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