Kids Need Winter Essentials to Stay Warm


It may be fun to play in the snow, but only when kids have the right gear and the reality is, many children don't.

Nancy Stanley from Ben Franklin Elementary School in Decatur said, "so many of our kids don't have all the blessings a lot of kids have."

That's why Stanley keeps a stash of gloves, scarfs, hats and winter coats in her closet at the school.

"They got to be warm and if they come to school cold or hungry they are not going to do well in school," Stanley added.

If she doesn't have what they need, Stanley and other teachers go in their own pockets to buy children winter items.

David Hinkle at the Northeast Community Fund also passes out garments to kids.

"I ask them where are your hats, where are your gloves and they look up at me and say I don't have any and I say come over here and I'm going to give you some hats and gloves," Hinkle said.

He's given away items for free dozens of times a day. That's because, Hinkle and Stanley have a passion to help children in need.

Stanley added, "they're our kids and we love these kids. . . We want what's best for them."

People donate various items to Ben Franklin Elementary and the Northeast Community Fund. However, they always appreciate more. Not just these two locations, please donate to local organizations and any school district.

Northeast Community Fund- 825 N Water St, Decatur, IL 62523- (217) 429-5846

Ben Franklin Elementary- 2440 N Summit Ave, Decatur, IL 62526- (217) 424-3220

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