Majority on Food Stamps Working Age Americans


DECATUR- Working age Americans are the new face of food stamps.  For a growing number of people having a job isn't enough to be self sufficient.

According to U.S. Census data, for the first time, the majority of U.S. households who rely on food stamps are working age.  That's a shift from a few years ago when most were the elderly and children.  

Slow economic recovery, high unemployment, stagnant wages, and a gap between high and low skilled workers are all part of it.

Jerry Pelz at the Northeast Community Fund says he sees many people who have jobs who are coming in because they need food and other assistance. "We see people who say five years ago, I was on the other end.  I was the donor.  I was giving and now I 'm on the receiving end and this feels funny or this feels weird," Pelz says.

This comes at a time when congress is looking to cut food stamps and when they've already been cut. Currently, the supplemental food program costs $80 billion a year/  That's double the amount five years ago.

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