70-Year Old Decatur Woman Dies


DECATUR- A seventy-year-old Decatur woman was pronounced dead at 8:15 this morning.

Linda Pultz, was a pedestrian near the intersection of Steele Court and Sattley in Woodland Estates Trailer Park, just off of Jasper Street in Decatur. She was walking to Jasper Street to catch a bus. A garbage truck, on his regular route, struck the seventy-year-old woman at 6:55 this morning.

The woman was found dead on the scene, as she suffered extreme trauma to the head and extremities.

Decatur Police, Illinois State Police, and coroner were on the scene searching for answers. Decatur Police sprayed orange paint markings around the garbage truck to mark the vehicle's location at the time the victim was struck.

At this point the name of the driver of the truck and the company associated with the truck will not be released. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

This fatal accident is an ongoing investigation. We are continuing this story's coverage this evening. Tune in tonight for the latest information.

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