Governor Gives State of State Address Wednesday



Springfield - Speaking before the Illinois General Assembly, Governor Pat Quinn spoke of optimism about the state's financial outlook in recent years.

"We all knew that repairing the damage that had been over decades would not happen overnight.  But over the past five years, we've rebuilt," said Quinn.

While many Democrats were in agreement with the governor, Republicans across the aisle weren't buying into the governor's optimism on our state's job outlook.

"I mean I wish the governor would have said the state of the state is bad, and let's work together to make it better.  Because I think regardless of whether you're a democrat or republican, we want to work to make things better for the people of the state of Illinois," Forsyth state representative Bill Mitchell told WAND News.

State senator Jason Barickman's view of the state of education in Illinois was much different than that of Quinn is his address.

Barickman said,"what he failed to do is acknowledge this outdate, archaic funding formula that public schools use in allocating state dollars at a local level."

Quinn called for a raise in minimum wage, something Champaign state representative Adam Brown said doesn't make financial sense for Illinois.

"Take the advice of James Carville, long-time Democratic strategist, who said it's the economy stupid.  And raising the minimum wage, the governor's claim today is not going to do that.  Small businesses throughout our society need stability and predictability," said Brown.

If Illinois is truly making a comeback, some will need more proof to believe it.


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