Route 29 Project Nears Completion


Two new roads and 20 new jobs.

"That's huge for Edinburg," said economic development officer, Mike Bell.

In 2010, Lawmakers announced the six mile stretch of Route 29 that passes through Edinburg would expand from 2 to 4 lanes. A few years have passed and, "There's about half of the 6.3 miles that has to be completed."

According to Earl Walters, a Taylorville Alderman, "It started out as being a safety issue, but is now important from an economic development standpoint."

The President of Ayer-Co gas station announced he will be building a gas station along the highway, fit with a truck stop and subway restaurant, creating 20 new jobs. The facility will replace this abandoned home.

"This is actually the relocation of the current gas station that we have right now," said Bell.

Alderman Earl Walters says the area needs the work.

"Well, there's an unemployment issue, totally, in Christian County, so anything we can do to add to the employment, that's a boom for not only Edinburg, but for Taylorville," said the Alderman.

The goal is for the station to grow.

"That's the way it's being built.. so that it can grow. And with 6,500 people going by everyday, why wouldn't it grow?

Bringing more money back into the local community.

"That all goes back in it.. Christian County.. taxes.. and revenue."

Something all residents can look forward to.

The goal is for the highway to be completed by the end of 2014. As for when the gas station will be finished.. that date is to be determined.

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