Central Illinois truck driver helps stranded drivers in Atlanta storm


Atlanta - Snow and ice covered roads are a common thing here in Illinois during the winter months, but for residents in Georgia its an unlikely scenario.


Thousands of people were stranded on interstates after a winter blast hit the southern U.S. 32-year-old Joe Schmitz from Pana was one of the motorists stranded on I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia since Tuesday afternoon, when dozens of crashes brought traffic to a stand still.


Schmitz who is used to the harsher Illinois winter ventured out on foot, walking miles to a gas station. Then passing out as much food as possible. "I ran into this lady who just opened her door on me and she was just crying hysterically. And she said she had a little baby in the car. I looked in the back and she had about a 5 month old baby in the back. They were out of diapers and formula. She asked if I could find some diapers. So I kept walking. and I did. I found a couple diapers somebody had and I brought them back to her as I was heading back to my truck. So, yeah I put in about 10 miles on foot today"


Traffic in Atlanta started to thin out late Wednesday night.

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