Second set of bones found are human


Homer - A second set of bones has been discovered inside a Vermilion County home that caught fire Friday night.


The Vermillion County Coroner says, the bones are definitely human. There were enough remains found for an autopsy to be ordered. Investigators determined that the first set of remains found after a fire in Homer were not human. The anthropologist believes those first remains were that of a small animal.

The newly discovered bones, of the upper torso of a person were discovered deep below the debris in the basement. Police say, they had been searching for Jeffery Ward, the resident of the home, since Thursday.

The call for the fire came in to Homer Fire Protection District as an attic fire Friday night. However, when crews arrived at the scene, the home was fully engulfed in flames.

During an initial assessment, firefighters found a car parked in the garage, which led them to believe that someone was inside the home at the time of the fire.

Crews worked until Saturday afternoon to extinguish the flames, but by the time they were contained, there was little left of the house, or what was inside.

"We had crews come out and help us and we literally with shovels and buckets tried to sift through the what was left of the house to try and find the individual," said Jeremy Richards, a lieutenant with the Homer Fire Protection District. "And we didn't find a whole lot."

Ward lived alone in the home. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday morning.


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