Frostbite Cases Up



DECATUR-Emergency rooms in Central Illinois are seeing frostbite cases. 
We know that unexposed skin can get frostbitten in five minutes or less. 
But what about if it is covered up?
The cold can get to your head and cause confusion. Making you stay outside longer than you have to. 
Michelle Bovyn  is an emergency room nurse at Decatur's St. Mary's and says wet clothes are very dangerous.  
"Get inside," Bovyn says.  "Get out of the elements.  Get warmed back up.  Because, like i said, once you can't feel it, that's when it becomes a big issue.  So if you feel you're starting to get numb, you feel the tingly-ness, you need to get inside get warm."
At Decatur Memorial Hospital---they've only seen one case of frostbite.  But across the US hospitals are reporting far more cases.
When your hands go numb that's the first warning sign.  If they become, hard, waxy, pale  put your hands in warm water, and if it persists seek medical attention. 
The temperatures that we've had just brutal. 


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